Reflection of the Beauty Culture

Corporate Vision

The progess of product development in beauty industry is usually very steady.
While there are many attractive beauty machines introduced in the industry, we always struggle to become part of the successful manufacturers.
Speaking of our very first hair-removal machine Clear/SP, we spent considerable time understanding market’s demand and manufacturing the right machine.
Since we met demand of consumers, Clear/SP was able to survive to become most competitive machines in the industry.
However, like in other industries, a new trend appears and new machines are introduced non-stop.
When new machines are introduce, they are new for a while and become standard soon after in term so their specifications and prices. And such standards are created throughout new development and competitions with other machines.
Therefore, once our customers are satisfied with what we provide, we shall be again, motivated to meet their new demand.
Our aim, to achieve "the optimization of the prices of beauty machines in the industry" is still very far ahead.
We believe that simply looking for the immediate benefit would make the industry fall.
The reflection of the industry and establishment of beauty culture will be achieved throughout fierce competitions.

Hair Removal Machines&Body Slimming Machines

From Nagoya to the World

Since our establishment, we have introduced our original hair removal beauty machines to more than 1000 beauty salons.
There are more than 3000 beauty salons that continue a dealing business of beauty products with us.
We hope to pursue beauty not only for women in Japan, but also for women in the world.
In order to succeed this, our goal is to perform globally.

From Nagoya to the World


Development and Sales of Beauty Machines

We develop, design and manufacture professional-use hair removal machines and body slimming machines which those machines realize lower running cost. We have very good reputations of our machines from many beauty salons who own our machines. There is a clinical data provided through our doctor's supervisions .
Moreover, we provide high safety and all the support which our customers need.

Opening Support for Beauty Salons

Our group salons called "Adorable" are mainly located in the east region of Honshu and western part of Japan.
Those salons use our hair removal machine, CLEAR/SP.
Therefore, they report a very good customer satisfaction for its result, and have know-how for how to manage the salon and make profit.

Development and Sales of Beauty Products

We do OEM, manufacturing and sales for all the beauty products for salons and their customers.
Our goal is to contribute to rise each customer's spending unit price by suggesting and providing salons our
"plus α" beauty serives and commodities.
We thoroughly aim to make high quality products when we develop machines. Moreover, we hope to satisfy the customers with strong interest in beauty field. You can trust our quality, safety and service.

From Nagoya to the World
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