Personal Information
Protection Policy

Personal Information
Protection Policy

Our company realizes that personal information should be properly used because of its significance and it should be protected; that is our corporate social responsibility.

1.A definition of personal information

Personal information is the relevant information identifying individual as follows: name, birthday, address, telephone number, etc.

2.Use of personal information

We use personal information as needed by our business within the following use purposes.
① For the provision of information to customers.
②For inquiries from us, confirmation, opinion collection for better services.
③For creating, analyzing data such as the marketing information for grasping user information.

3.The provision of information

We don’t give out personal information to any third party without prior approval unless it depends on sufficient reasons such as cases based on laws.

4.Information management

①We maintain accuracy of the personal information, and manage it safely.
②We tighten security to stop malicious virus code to prevent loss of the personal information, damage, a leak.
③We don’t leak private information, transmit or take it outside.

5.About disclosure, a correction, suspension, removal of the personal information

We make sure that you have a right to demand disclosure, a correction, suspension, removal of your personal information, and we act on any request rapidly.

6.Organization and System

A manager is appointed to handle appropriately the information to protect all personal information.