hese one-dose pre-mixed carbonic acid mask supplies can be used to make original products!

Not only are products sold domestically,
we also accept OEM purchase orders for overseas sales .

As long as it is our company’s OEM we will provide total support!!

From product planning and development of cosmetics, to packaging design and product manufacturing, we provide total support!! We also provide advice and flexible service offerings regarding costings and the composition of products.




This company’s “pre-mixed carbonic acid mask”
is available for customers to buy as part of a set

*The back of the packaging will provide information on provided by our company’s manufacturers.

at a lower price

On the packaging of the pre-mixed carbonic acid face mask, Place a sticker to guarantee low costs

You can place an aluminium sticker label
with the “company / beauty salon / brand” logo

Particular about the
details of commercialization

Provide service regarding original product design

Provide original designs
and branding for the packaging


Adjusting product composition based on clients’ needs

*Adjustment of ingredients is only restricted to the scope of what the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law allows

Ingredients can also
be mixed
with the original formula

Make adjustments to the ingredients based on what clients want and create higher quality products

Our company provides two types of formula: Gold and White.
Product adjustment can be carried out based on these two formula.
For example, hydrating components can be added to improve the hydrating effect


A licensed single-dose carbonic acid face mask

Gain an in-depth understanding of all of the characteristics
that make clients feel satisfied and
improve the traditional carbonic acid face mask

  1. POINT01

    No leakage

    If foam and beauty lotion drips down from the cheek, it is a sign that it is a bad product. It therefore follows that bad products will not be repeatedly purchased by users.
    Even if such bad products are used in a beauty salon, the customer will still be unsatisfied.

  2. POINT02

    High concentration of
    carbonic acid

    The concentration of carbonic acid is the most important factor when choosing a carbonic acid face mask. Generally speaking, a face mask with a concentration of 1,000ppm and above is classified as a carbonic acid face mask.
    The value of measurement has both a “theoretical value” as well as a “measured value”. We suggest that products are selected based on the “measured value”.

  3. POINT03

    Carbonic acid with long-
    lasting foaming properties

    If the carbonic acid in the face mask simply evaporated within a short period of time, then the face mask would be no different to other general face masks on the market. Therefore, we recommend that the product caters for all types of uses and that it has long-lasting foaming properties.

  4. POINT04

    Cosmetic ingredients

    We recommend using products that carbonic acid and complementary ingredients that promote blood flow, as well as products that contain super-hydrating ingredients.

Easier to use than two-dose products,
and is of a higher quality!!

Unlike the two-dose products, you do not need to carry out any mixed processes, thus it is easier to use!! Carbonic acid can continuously foam for approx. 3 minutes, creating a refreshing whitening effect!!

  • 3分連続発砲
  • カンタン塗布するだけ
  • 高濃度炭酸
  • 低刺激


With low-risk branding

You can create an exclusive brand that has even lower risks than OEM.
First of all, use a PB (private brand) to test your customer’s reaction to the product before using the OEM packaging,and be sure to make your brand original regarding the ingredients used!

*Please contact us so we can help you make an estimate.

Test in small batches

1,000 sets 8,000 packs

Use small batches to first confirm what your customers’ reaction to the product is.

Pay attention to
the details of commoditization

5,000 sets 40,000 packs

with OEM packaging, then plan out what original ingredients you will use to carry out mass production.


The process of manufacturing an original carbonic acid face mask

From the planning and development of cosmetic products, to packaging design and product manufacturing, we provide a one-stop service.
We also provide advice and flexible services regarding costs and product ingredients.

  1. FLOW01


    First and foremost, we listen to our customers’ requests.

  2. FLOW02

    Discuss product specifications‧
    Product design

    Customers’ requirements are catered to during the product planning phase, and product specifications are made.

  3. FLOW03

    Trial production

    After deciding on the product specifications, the trial production phase commences.

  4. FLOW04

    Quality inspection‧

    After an application is made to Pharmaceutical Affairs, manufacturing will commence and an inspection of the quality of the goods will be carried out.

  5. FLOW05

    Sales support

    After the goods have been produced and delivery has been carried out, sales support will be provided.


For inquiries, consultation and information regarding OEM, please feel free to contact us.

What is a pre-mixed carbonic acid mask?

In just one single use, the carbonic acid mask can produce excellent cosmetic results. It can help resolve all kinds of skin problems (pimples‧acne marks‧reddening of the skin‧pores‧rough skin) as well as skin problems that are a result of aging of the skin (skin spots‧wrinkles‧sagging skin‧dry skin), and thus, it has gained the good title as being the “King of Face Masks”.

Pre-mixed carbonic acid face mask has the following 6 benefits Pre-mixed carbonic acid face mask has the following 6 benefits

benefit1 Skin whitening &

The penetrating force of the “new ultra-hydrating component” takes effect on the surface of the skin and stratum corneum, making the skin more hydrated and brings about a brightening effect.

Pre-mixed carbonic acid face mask has the following “new ultra-hydrating component”

“Ribosomal DND” is a very similar particle to the membrane of skin cells. The “new ultra-hydrating component” with its high water-locking feature has a strong ability to penetrate through the skin, and can allow active pharmaceutical ingredients to permeate deep into the skin.

benefit2 Cellular activation

By using polyphosphoric acid for cellular activation, it improves the effectiveness of producing collagen and natural healing powers.

What is polyphosphoric acid?

“Polyphosphoric acid” is a type of biomolecule that exists in human cells that helps repair cellular tissue due to the stabilizing effect of the FGF (fibroblast growth factors). FGF is an unstable substance that breaks down immediately inside the body; but it can penetrate with polyphosphoric acid and thereby stabilize, creating a long-lasting effect. The polyphosphoric acid used in the pre-mixed carbonic acid face mask is medium and long chain polyphosphoric acid (licensed ingredients) and is the most suitable type of all polyphosphoric acid in order to stabilize FGF, improve cell proliferation and increases production of collagen.

benefit3 Cleans pores

Tiny foam and carbonic acid can help to eliminate protein and dirt that causes blocked pores, and helps to tighten pores.

benefit4 Just apply it to
the face, it’s
so simple to use

It is extremely simple to use, it just needs to be applied to the face. Easy skin care can be done at home, helping you create more beautiful skin!

benefit5 Low stimulation

Carbonic acid has a slow foaming effect, resulting in a face mask that has a high concentration of carbonic acid and a low stimulating effect. This helps to prevent skin from reddening, making the product suitable for people who have sensitive skin.

benefit6 Fresh carbonic acid

When the carbonic acid is applied to the face, it will start its foaming effect. Using fresh carbonic acid in this way can effectively help to care for the skin.

Apart from hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin, astaxanthin, αarbutin, fullerene, FGF, and placenta extract etc. are all extremely high quality materials that can bring about a strong beautifying effect!

Typical carbonic acid face masks only have 4,000~6,000ppm, but the pre-fixed carbonic acid face mask has up to 20,000ppm. Uniquely high concentration of carbonic acid produces a superior ability to “lift up” the skin!

The pre-mixed carbonic acid face mask can be used not only on the face, it can also be used on the neck and forehead! The pre-mixed carbonic acid face mask can be used not only on the face, it can also be used on the neck and forehead!


For inquiries, consultation and information requests regarding OEM,
feel free to contact us.